Training Services

Image by Jonathan Borba

Brothers provide Athletic Trainers who plans, coordinates, and supervises all components of a work-site injury management and health improvement program for employees.


Working under the direction of the onsite staff, our Athletic Trainer carries out activities in the following areas: injury prevention and evaluation, OSHA emergency/first aid treatment, physical conditioning and rehabilitation assistance, health education and coaching, and work-site health promotion.


  • Performs wellness screening and coaching

  • Provides first-aid treatment and case management for musculoskeletal complaints which includes the use of ice, heat and wellness stretches, massage, tape techniques, knowledge of non-rigid bracing

  • Provides orthopedic injury assessments, covering such areas as (but not limited to) history, observation, palpation, range of motion, manual muscle strength, reflex testing, myotomes, dermatomes, and special tests

  • Implements treatment plans that incorporate therapeutic exercise, modalities and work conditioning as necessary

  • Performs comprehensive ergonomic job analyses, including task analysis, risk factor identification and quantification, posture analysis, and body mechanics analysis

  • Uses innovative, creative solutions and employee empowerment to design and/or implement ergonomics interventions

  • Documentation may include patient files, invoices, monthly reports, budgets, expense reports, and outcomes tools

  • Creates an environment of trust and caring, which allows workers to take responsibility to reduce or eliminate actions or behaviors under their control that contribute to injury and illness

  • Communicates regularly with safety personnel regarding rehab and injury prevention activities

We provide athletic trainers to cover your sport games, or an event that requires these professionals. 


Not having an athletic trainer hinders student-athletes and could cost the school a fortune on injures that could have easily been avoided had an ATC been present.

$50 / HOUR