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Athletic Trainer for your sports game, clinics, schools, and event site.

Per-Diem Athletic Trainers for every sports event


The rules for play will have far-reaching positive effects when they are applied to real-life situations.


Our method will aid you to evaluate progress and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for your learning.


The overarching achievement of physical fitness is to perform the necessary tasks of the sport, job or daily activity and endure the physical, physiological and mental demands you will experience.


Learn proper technique, gain confidence and experience the RESULTS. This is the first step to a permanent lifestyle change and improve your overall health.



Scope of Work

  • Performs wellness screening and coaching

  • Provides first-aid treatment and case management for musculoskeletal complaints which includes the use of ice, heat and wellness stretches, massage, tape techniques, knowledge of non-rigid bracing

  • Provides orthopedic injury assessments, covering such areas as (but not limited to) history, observation, palpation, range of motion, manual muscle strength, reflex testing, myotomes, dermatomes, and special tests

  • Implements treatment plans that incorporate therapeutic exercise, modalities and work conditioning as necessary

  • Performs comprehensive ergonomic job analyses, including task analysis, risk factor identification and quantification, posture analysis, and body mechanics analysis

We provide athletic trainers to cover your sport games, or an event that requires these professionals. 


Not having an athletic trainer hinders student athletes, wellness performance and could cost a fortune on injures and other associated costs that could have easily been avoided had an ATC been present.

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