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Letter from the Brothers

Greetings from the brothers!

Thank you for visiting the Block and giving us the opportunity to become your home for standardized test preparation and physical fitness services. We are bringing the gym and classroom to you, wherever you are to have the benefit of saving time, money and normal wear and tear of your clothes from traveling.

We make it easy with:

  1. Customized Education Test Preparation & Fitness Programs

  2. Engaging classroom learning

  3. Convenient outdoor locations for physical training; and

  4. Online fitness sessions 

We are excited to introduce to you our company! We have been providing these services for over 10 years and these seasoned services housed under our own brand will be the building blocks to assist you in achieving your goals. Once again, thank you for visiting our company, it is our pleasure to provide you with our products at reasonable prices and cater to your needs.

Smiling Student in Lecture

Our Mission:

Our mission is to offer you high quality courses at a competitive cost to meet your education and fitness needs. We have combined our joy for learning and living healthy into informative and instructional test prep course and fitness programs & classes in the hopes that you will be able to start or continue on your journey. Take the plunge with us and let us build with you, one block at a time.

What you need to know:

  • We have over 10 years of experience providing education courses to high school and college students in Brooklyn New York.

  • We have curated high quality programs paired with exceptional instruction to achieve your goals.

  • Our students and clients return for more help because they trust our product.

  • We are committed to providing your a satisfactorily enriching learning and fitness experience.

Smiling Student in Lecture
Smiling Student in Lecture

Prepare with us:

  • We are a unique company that is centered on providing you with the tools needed to reach your objectives in physical fitness and education.

  • We know that the college admissions process is very competitive — having a great score on your admissions exam is critical step in the application process. Preparation is key!

  • We will empower you to achieve high scores with our distinctive pedagogy, award-winning programs, expert instructors, and cutting-edge technology & curriculum.

  • Our student-centered prep model reinforces core content, while strengthening your critical reasoning, analysis, and problem-solving skills. This unique method will reduce anxieties associated with the examination and will empower you to perform well.

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Jemima enrolled in our SAT preparatory course among others in her junior year of high school and graduated as the valedictorian. She is currently enrolled in our pre-college program and has earned 21 college credits with a GPA of 3.67.

Jemima S.