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  • Antonio S.

    Antonio is a compassionate African American 12th Grader and has been part of our company taking preparatory courses improving skills in the sciences and preparing for college. While attending high school he has earned 15 college credits through our program with a GPA of 3.40 and will be pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree in Political Science. He aspires to work as a layer.

  • Emmanuel R.

    Emmanuel is a Colombian American from 11th grade who is very passionate about community involvement. He started in our preparatory program taking college courses and will be the first in his family to graduate college with a 3.8 GPA. Currently, he has earned a total of 9 college credits with a 3.6 GPA and aspired to be a Neurologist.

  • Jemima S.

    Jemima enrolled in our SAT preparatory course among others in her junior year of high school and graduated as the valedictorian. She is currently enrolled in our pre-college program and has earned 21 college credits with a GPA of 3.67.

  • Rennuka B.

    Rennuka is an intelligent 12th grader and is enrolled in our program taking preparatory courses in preparation to pursue an undergraduate degree in social work. During her time with us she has improved in our social skills, team building, and her creative skills have improved significantly.

  • Michael D.

    Michael is a charming, African American male who is taking numerous preparatory courses with us. He will be studying Physical Therapy in college. Thus far he has earned 16 college credits with a GPA of 3.19.

Education Prep Testimonials

Fitness Testimonials

  • Jean H.

    I decided to give personal training another try, and my husband and I have become members of Brothers' Building Blocks since September 2019. My husband and I had tried personal training at a different gym in the past but were not happy with the trainers that we had. As you can imagine, I was skeptical to try it again due to our past experience. 

    However, from the moment I met Joel, I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I started training with Joel on September 2nd, 2019. During the last 3 1/2 months, I have been challenged and pushed by Joel, and he has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals.

    I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with his clients. It's because of him that I have signed up for another 48 sessions, and it's because of him that my husband has also signed up for personal training sessions.

    Joel is very charming and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of. He deserves the best compliments from me and my husband. We plan to be long-term clients, and more importantly, continue to work with Joel.

  • Edith P.

    My name is Edith. I've been a member of Brother's Building Blocks since January 2020 when I decided to finally change my life and get into shape with a weight loss and exercise program.

    Having never really been a member of a fitness center, I admit I found all the cardio and free weights a bit intimidating and confusing. Fortunately for me, the staff and other members were very helpful and patient. Everyone really seemed to go out of their way to make me feel welcome.

    After a few months of working with a personal trainer what a difference it made in helping me get the most out of my workouts. I have been fortunate enough to work with Joel, he has really helped me put in the time and energy to get in shape. He listens to me and both encourage and challenge me to give it my all. He has helped me develop my mind set in a positive way and I have changed from a person who thinks I can to I know I can!

    Since I started, I have lost over 70 pounds and 51.75 inches overall. I'm down eight clothing sizes and the weight and size I am now I haven't seen since 1981. A perk I might add is my husband says I am sexier than ever. Thank you, Brothers' Building Blocks and Joel, and look out world because here I come!

  • Mike D.

    Now that I joined Brothers' Building Blocks and have been part of their fitness program is has taken the soft mound of weakness that I was and hardened it into something fierce. I realized this when I was chasing my kids around and getting exhausted. I was conditioning slowly at first with the cruelest of tricks, like lunges and jump rope. I combined these regular training sessions with cardio and diet.

    Then Joel, a Performance Coach got into the action. He increased the intensity of my weightlifting and started sweating away the pounds and inch line. Suddenly my arms were all swollen and veiny. Long story short, in just under a year, I have gained strength, become leaner and more endurance and I've never felt better in my life.

  • Valerie S.

    I am currently a member of Brothers' Building Blocks. I was referred by a friend who is a member and exercises with Joel a Performance Coach. After I joined and began exercising with Joel, I found him very helpful and friendly. We have been exercising outside in the parks and I have been having an excellent time doing so. As a former member of a large gym, I was highly pleased with the level of personal interaction between the staff and members there.

    Working with Joel has increased my physical strength, and self-confidence. He shows a lot of care about his clients and encouraged me in every way that he can. He loves to celebrate the victories I achieve, whether in weight loss or in life. I greatly appreciate all that he has done for me and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future.

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Jemima enrolled in our SAT preparatory course among others in her junior year of high school and graduated as the valedictorian. She is currently enrolled in our pre-college program and has earned 21 college credits with a GPA of 3.67.

Jemima S.