The pathway to STEM is exciting with its foundation in inquiry, critical thinking, and process-based learning. STEM strongly focuses on Inquiry, curiosity, being able to find solutions to a problem and being creative in the finding of the solutions is at the heart of this approach.

Science Courses
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We have researched and curated the largest online collection of STEM programs for students in grades 7-12. Attending one of these STEM programs is a great way for middle and high school students to experience and learn more about potential STEM career paths.

Why Attend a STEM Program

STEM programs allow high schoolers to develop their understanding in core subject areas that will matter to them now and in the future. Our STEM programs are intended to educate and to be a fun and exciting experience, teens who are only marginally interested in STEM subjects will find their curiosity sparked by these kinds of programs.

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Working through both the content and the arts standards to address a central problem or essential question.



Selecting an essential question to answer or problem to solve (must have a clear focus on how the question or problem relates to the STEM and the Arts content areas you have chosen).



Looking for the elements that contribute to the problem or question (this includes connecting to “a lot of key background information, skills or processes that students already have to address the question”).



This step emphasizes “active research and intentional teaching,” with students engaged in “researching current solutions, as well as what ISN’T working based on the solutions that already exist.”



“This is where the fun happens! After students have dived deep into a problem or question and have analyzed current solutions as well as what still needs to be addressed, they can begin to create their own solution or composition to the problem.”



Time for students to share their work. In addition to building presentation skills, this is also an important opportunity to facilitate feedback and “help students learn how to give and receive input.”



This step closes the loop. “Students have a chance to reflect on the feedback that was shared and on their own process and skills. Based on that reflection, students are able to revise their work as needed and to produce an even better solution.

Science Class


STEM in the sciences offer hands-on experience designed to increase a students’ ability to grasp critical scientific concepts. The program focuses on the scientific process and how to formulate and test hypotheses, allowing students to significantly improve their scientific knowledge.

  • Anatomy

  • Animal Science

  • Biology

  • Biomedical Studies

  • Chemistry

  • Forensics

  • Neuroscience

  • Pre-med

  • Psychology


STEM technology provides students the opportunity to boost their tech proficiency, both giving them a broad foundation in technology and helping them prepare for future college studies and even careers. Technology offers a huge range of potential studies, covering things as varied as the development of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer hardware and software, drones, robotics, and a lot more.

Some example topics for technology-related STEM summer programs include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Computer science

  • Coding

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data Science

  • Electronic Media

  • Energy

  • Graphic Design / Web Design/ Video Game Design  

  • Information systems management

  • Machine Learning


STEM engineering is great for high school students who think they may want to work designing and building things.


Engineering is useful in industrial scenarios, like working on an oil rig or a car plant, but also for design-related needs, where an engineer helps the function of an object work within the form imagined by a designer. In some cases, engineers work with inspectors to help them better understand the objects they inspect, sharing both practical and design knowledge. Some example topics for engineering-related STEM summer programs include:

  • Computer engineering

  • Environmental engineering

  • Industrial engineering

  • Software engineering

Building a Robot


STEM math focus can increase a student’s math skills through study and unique teaching techniques. The program emphasizes one of the most important foundational skills a student can have—mathematics! —while also preparing them for future careers that might involve math.

Some example topics for math-related STEM summer programs include:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Physics