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Football Team Coach

Our aim for sports training is to achieve maximum individual or team efficiency in a selected sport discipline. Reaching maximum efficiency requires time and effort to create the pathway for sustained growth. Efficiency is conditioned by several interrelated areas; sports training, supposed performance, motor ability, sports skills, motivation and tactics.

  • Sports training – focuses on achieving maximum efficiency in motor abilities.

  • Supposed performance – maximizes motor ability and motor skill for the sport you play. 

  • Motor abilities – can be described as relatively stable sets of inner genetic presuppositions needed to carry out locomotive activities. They include force, speed, endurance, coordination and flexibility. 

  • Sports skills – are presuppositions needed for implementing performance in a selected sport which are gained through motor learning. 

  • Motivation – this is intrinsic value to perform and complete a desired activity.

  • Tactics – this is being purposeful in your means to engage in a sport.


Our Strength and Conditioning Programs are built with the knowledge and experience of the collegiate or professional level. Our performance coaches have research and practical experiences at all levels including middle school, high school, and college, which they will use to galvanized you towards achieving your fitness goals.  

Team Practice

Our training program is designed with these key components of sport training:

  • Physical component – focused on developing motor abilities.

  • Technical component – focused on acquiring sports skills through motor learning.

  • Tactical component – focuses on acquiring and further developing different techniques to play a sport.

  • Psychological component – is focused on improving the athlete’s personhood.

Sports training is understood as a process of systematic development of each component in dependence on the duration of preparation which leads to achieving maximum efficiency in senior age within the selected sports discipline

Team Practice




Identify and correct imbalances and to improve movement equality


Apply weighted exercise to aid in increasing strength and power


Focus on speed and jumps by applying plyometrics and other speed related techniques


Pay special attention to the core muscular abdominal area by utilizing multi-joint and isolated abdominals exercises

Image by Valery Sysoev

Sport Performance Training will aid in:

  • Stronger physical abilities that are needed for optimal performance

    • Speed and agility

    • Change direction

    • Higher jumps

    • Upper and lower body strength and conditioning

    • Core strength stability

    • Increased ranged of motion and flexibility

  • Strengthen weaknesses and Correct Imbalances

  • Learn Correct Technique and Prevent Injuries

  • Have Fun while Training

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