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Health & Fitness

In Person Sessions

  • One of our certified and knowledgeable coaches will travel to you at an agreed location, provide all the equipment and work with you.

  • Not able to meet for classes because of a demanding schedule,  we will organise Zoom sessions for you.

  • You will have constant performance evaluations to ensure proper technique to limit the risk of injuries.

  • Highly flexible and adaptable programs that is closely monitored to achieve your goals.

Online Classes

  • Dance

  • HIIT

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Indoor Cycling

  • Boxing

  • Yoga

Sports Performance

(In Person & Online)

  • Speed, strength, and multi-direction training

  • Team Training

Hockey Stadium

Prep Course Pathway

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Tutoring & Test Prep

Regents Exam Prep

  • English

  • Mathematics 

  • Science

  • Social Studies


Test Prep

  • SAT

  • PSAT

  • AP


  • ACT

  • Academic (Grade 6th - 12th)


Test Prep

  • MCAT

  • LSAT

  • GRE

  • GMAT


Tutoring & Homework Help

  • Find a tutor

  • Subjects

Grades K-12  Online Academic Tutoring

  • Math Tutoring

  • Homework Help

  • Biology Tutoring

  • Chemistry Tutoring

  • Physics Tutoring

  • Political Science

  • Writing

 Online College 

Academic Tutoring

  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Chemistry

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Sociology

  • Political Science

  • Speech

Specialized Packages

  • Health and fitness package

  • Education package

  • A combination of both

Hockey Stadium

Fitness & Education Pathway

interested in both test prep and fitness? We will create a program that meets your goal, fill out the form to let us know of your interests and we will begin your journey.

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Jemima enrolled in our SAT preparatory course among others in her junior year of high school and graduated as the valedictorian. She is currently enrolled in our pre-college program and has earned 21 college credits with a GPA of 3.67.

Jemima S.