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Choose Brothers instructors for your SAT Preparations!

Female Students


With so many options from which to choose, selecting the best test prep support for your needs can be challenging. Our goal, therefore, is to offer you a simplified process and a robust course preparation to advance your changes to increase your score. At Brothers’ we work diligently with our clients using data to inform our practice, and we're transparent about our results: with our method our students increase in points.

Prepare with us, and:

  1. We'll create a tailored lesson plan based on a diagnostic or your SAT or PSAT scores

  2. Take 8 full-length practice test

  3. Get constant feedback and progress updates

  4. Improve your skills.


One of the core values that guides our day to day work is to deliver consistent high-quality work, and for us, that translates to standing behind our product. Therefore, we are here to assist you every step of the way, and quite frankly, delivering on what we promise is just common sense.

Though our product is an industry-leading one: if your child completes our Standard 30-Hour In-Home test-prep Program and doesn't improve by at least 4 points from his or her baseline score, we'll provide you with an additional 18 hours of tutorial service for a subsequent exam for free.

And if you choose to work with one of our most experienced online tutors, we'll raise that guarantee to 5 points. These instructors have over 2,500 hours of tutorial experience with us and are some of the most experienced test prep tutors in the industry.



Private (1 -1)

Small Group  (2 -5)

Large Group Course (15 per group)

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