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Program Consulting Services

Contact us about creating a proposal & curriculum to meet your needs. We have designed, implemented, hired, trained and evaluated high-quality Programs. We apply best practices that guarantees to work and ensures the training of staff and implementation of proposal and curriculum is satisfactory

A business meeting
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We design exciting after school and summer activities that incorporates STEM learning objectives. Our curriculums are scripted and easy to implement by any youth worker, and or teacher.

Comprehensive Design

We offer services from program planning, to hiring of staff, and staff training. Additionally, if you are in need of boosting reading and math scores during a summer break or provide a general fun camp for elementary students that is full of sports, Math and English intensive workshops and Coding. You have found the right company.


Discovery Call

Hop on a call with one of our experts, share your program goals and challenges that needs to be overcome.

Identity Service Needs

We will create a proposal that identify the needs and address challenges presented, from this we will create program curriculum.

Design Curriculum

We will create custom curriculum and other documents to address the needs of the program.   

Train & Implement

We provide training to your staff  and you implement and enjoy  the ease and success of program growth and development. 



  • Strategy Development

  • Content Plan

  • Deliver Program 

  • Program Implementation

  • Evaluation


  • Conduct Needs Assessment

  • Develop Training Material

  • Conduct Training

  • Training Evaluation


  • Identify Opportunities

  • Design Strategies


  • Engage Stakeholders

  • Describe the Program

  • Focus the Eval. Design

  • Gather Evidence

  • Justify Conclusions

  • Share Lessons Learned

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