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Middle + High School Program

Overview of Program

We work with middle and high schools to provide Health & Wellness Programs, Education Enrichment Services, and Professional Development Workshops for students, parents, and administrators. We focus on these services because they are fundamental to improving the learning experience of everyone. We position our company to serve as a resource to compliment the education structure of schools and to be part of the educational journey.  

Our Health & Wellness Program includes fitness classes, personal training, sports team training, injury assessment and management among many others. Our Education Enrichment Services covers STEM courses, standardized test preparation, and tutorial courses. We also provide a wide variety of workshops on mental health, personal and professional development, and financial literacy. Our services are offered year round, in-person or online. 


We believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children will learn when the environment is conducive. Our programs provide inclusive settings that recognize children's varied abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles. We believe children learn best through meaningful play and free from stress.


  • Structure and repetition is key

  • Teachers must hold students to high expectations

  • Students need effective tools and resources

  • Teachers should be great examples

  • Teachers offer the gift of learning

  • Learning goes beyond the classroom

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Health & Wellness Services


Program Consultations


Education Enrichment Courses


Professional Development Workshops

Health & Wellness Program

Program Consultations

Education Enrichment Program

Professional Development Workshops

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