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Math & English Intensive Courses

Positioned for Success

Whether our high school students need to shine on rigorous high school courses or college resumes, our math program prepares them to succeed whatever their goal.

Our Method

Our program builds on the foundation of the common core to further deepen our students' knowledge of advanced algebraic and geometric concepts as well as critical reading, reading comprehension and writing. 

Enrolling in the Math & English Intensive Program will build and advance your child's skills, for an improved application of the skills in school and beyond.

Abstract Thinking

Our students are exposed to situations that require manipulating and integrating multiple abstract ideas - those that are new and already mastered. This experience allow students to master new concepts.

Mental Flexibility

We focus on perfecting our students' ability to leverage their  math & english foundation, logic, and reasoning skills in order to solve highly complex problems.


Our rigorous instruction encourages students to perform to their abilities. Students are exposed to working under pressure, particularly during examinations and competitions.


Students compete with one another and also collaborate to solve complex problems. They learn how to thrive in an environment of peers with competing ideas and intellect - preparing them for college and career. 

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The program’s instructional model is based on the belief that students must be active in the classroom in order to learn most effectively.

The program’s student-centered approach encourages learning and independent thinking through the use of strategic questioning, exploration, and collaboration with peers.

We employ specially trained teachers and advisors, carefully designed curriculum and pedagogy, ongoing professional development and mentor-based training model. 


Often the best fit for new students, this curriculum is designed to meet students where they are and bring them to the level of international standards.

Advanced & Improve

Most students continue to this level, where we offer a challenging mathematics curriculum that provides the deep understanding, reasoning skills, and confidence needed for success from elementary through honors high school and beyond.

Consistency & Mastery

This rigorous curriculum goes into great depth on the topics covered in the advanced level, and regularly employs competition-level problems that encourage students to push the boundaries of their abilities. Many students in Honors also choose to participate in math competitions.

What to Expect

Alarm Clock


Students will choose the subject(s) algebra, geometry, or English, with classes varying from 2 hrs to 4 hrs per week combined.

Yellow Objects


A classroom environment is key to our methodology. Classes consist of an average of 12 students with an expert teacher leading an interactive lesson.



Extra work is assigned each week to reinforce what was taught in class. It is essential that this work is assigned and completed as it secures knowledge comprehension.

Curriculum Vitae


Perfected over two decades by our team of gifted academics, our curriculum is inspired by elite mathematical schools. Engineered to increase skills application.

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