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Come and exercise with us, and expect results. 

Guaranteed Fitness Classes for the Elderly, Online or Offline


The rules for play will have far-reaching positive effects when they are applied to real-life situations.


Our method will aid you to evaluate progress and you will be encouraged to take responsibility for your learning.


The overarching achievement of physical fitness is to perform the necessary tasks of the sport, job or daily activity and endure the physical, physiological and mental demands you will experience.


Learn proper technique, gain confidence and experience the RESULTS. This is the first step to a permanent lifestyle change and improve your overall health.

Our Exercise Philosophy

It’s important to remember that any type of exercise will offer health benefits. Mobility limitations inevitably make some types of exercise easier than others, but no matter your physical situation, we aim to incorporate three different types of exercise into your physical training routines:

  • Cardiovascular exercises – These exercises include walking, running, cycling, dancing, tennis, swimming, water aerobics, or “aqua-jogging”. We have found that people with mobility limitations find exercising in water especially beneficial as it supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint discomfort. For persons who utilizes a wheelchair for mobility purposes may still perform cardiovascular exercises.

  • Strength training exercises – These exercises involve using weights or other resistance to strengthen muscle and bone mass, improve balance, and prevent falls. If you have limited mobility in your legs, our focus will be on upper body strength training. Similarly, if you have a shoulder injury, our focus will be more on strength training for your legs and abdominals.

  • Flexibility exercises – These exercises aids in range of motion, prevent injury, and reduce pain and stiffness. Some examples of the exercises may include stretching and yoga. If you have limited mobility in your legs, you may still benefit from stretches and flexibility exercises to prevent or delay further muscle atrophy.

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Fitness Classes

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