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Corporate Health
&Wellness Program

Stone Tower

Exclusive Services

A significant benefit of introducing corporate wellness programs into your workplace is improving employees' mental and physical health. Our well-curated wellness program can help your employees improve their diet and exercise, cut down on smoking and alcohol, and increase their confidence and productivity.

Health & Wellness Program

Fitness Classes
  • Strive Fitness Classes (Adults)

  • Amplify Fitness Classes (Persons with Disabilities)

  • Wellness Classes (Elderly)

Health & Wellness Program

List of Services
  • Sports & Recreation Services

  • Physical Wellness Plan

  • Mental Health Counselling

  • Emotional Intelligence & Life Management

  • Nutrition Consultation

  • Health Screening

Professional Development Workshop

Self Development Series:
  • Series I: Mental Health at Work

  • Series II: Nutrition & Meal Planning

  • Series III: Developing Engaging & Impactful Programs 

Financial Literacy Workshop

Developing Financial Habits
  • Building Your Credit

  • Building Your Financial Foundation

  • Debt Elimination

  • Investing & Personal Financial Planning

  • Repaying Student Loan Debt

  • Home Ownership 

Let's Work Together

Our Corporate Health & Wellness Services are expertly curated and provides the following benefits: more productivity, high employee morale, improve recruitment and retention of employees, reduced burnout, reduced health risks, and building camaraderie among workers.

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